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The site of Mount Padang Moaning
Conditions of eight relics of the Stone Age megalithic sites in the region Cianjur not received serious attention from the government. Whereas the eighth largest supposedly megalithic sites in Southeast Asia, it would be a tourist magnet in Cianjur."We have a lot of tourism potential that has not received treatment because of the limited budget, including the sites of megalithic sites," said Chief (Head) Culture and Arts Anto Susilo when contacted, told Radar Cianjur, yesterday.mountain Gunung Padang padang The two sites MeranaMenurutnya, handling or settlement sites require a big budget, let alone its location spread in some areas Cianjur. "From some of the megalithic sites, which can already be handling new mountain meadow sites. And that's not optimal and is still very minimal, "he said.He explained, from some megalithic sites in Cianjur, best known desert mountain sites. For the most extensive and imposing their area and above the hill to the area is still beautiful. But until now to make arrangement of land ownership is still constrained. For a new core area of ​​land owned by the government alone. While other areas including the buffer zone area around the location of the site is still owned by residents. "Happens to the arrangement, ideal to meet the needs of budget support," he said.

Anto is said, the plan makes website Jabar Pemprop Mount Padang as one of the iconic archaeological sites in West Java is expected to bring major changes to the arrangement of a mountain meadow sites. In fact, it is expected that ruling, the iconic Jabar could soon be implemented. "If the plan is delivered, we are still waiting for its adoption. Rencanya there are three that will be used as an icon of ancient sites including the site of Mount desert. The other two caves Pawon, and batujaya sites, "he added.

In addition to mountain meadow sites, he added, other megalithic sites in Cianjur Ciranjang each megalithic site in the village of Kuta Village Ciranjang. Then the mattress in Bukit Desa Sukamaju Gadog Pacet. Weak Ḑuhūr Sukajembar Village, Sukanagara, and in the village of Gunung Putri Cikanyere, Sukaresmi. That's not the megalithic sites in the village of Sand Manggu Sukajembar, Sukanagara, Sand Village Pogor Cikidang, Mande, and in the village of Bukit Tongtu Sukagalih, Cikalongkulon. "Everything now requires serious attention from the government. Both the district and province, "he concluded. 

        Not far from the megalithic sites of the mountain meadow ad a natural waterfall whose beauty would make us fascinated by the natural beauty that is extraordinary that in the call cikondang waterfall waterfall

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